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Healthy cultures adapt while maintaining the original business design

Your Guide To Effective Leadership

For many years, Doug has led his clients in pursuing clarity and establishing culture are definitely worth fighting for. The collective insights of 30 years of investing in people has led him to the conclusion that intentional clarity and healthy culture are not simply “nice to have.” Both are absolutely essential for real transformation to occur. Doug has committed to partnering with organizations that are serious about getting this right.

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A Voice for Leadership

Leadership coach and psychologist Dr. Doug McKinley takes you inside the hearts and minds of admirable people who are living with intention and leading effectively. From emotional intelligence to social justice, Doug brings wisdom and insight to expose listeners to practical tools for becoming better leaders. 

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Become a Resilient Leader

In his latest book, Doug identifies foundational, yet actionable, principles that healthy physicians practice to be resilient. Doug takes you on a journey of uncovering sustainable strategies to do so.

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Effective leaders understand it is through vulnerability and self-awareness that they build great teams. Great teams ignite others to work better together for the common good of the organizational mission. This enables the organization to cultivate a healthy culture where people can serve and grow.

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July 9, 2024

The Doctor is in: Leading Teams Part 1

Of all the many factors that aid in team success, leadership is by far the…

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Share my Pre-Script-ions

Life scripts are patterns of thinking that serve as internal motivation. Leaning into powerful scripts like “I am good enough” can provide you with more life opportunities and choices and inspire the pursuit of confident living.

If you would like to encourage your friends and colleagues, then join the Pre-SCRIPT-ions community by prescribing some ideas for healthy thinking patterns.