Who I Am?

  • Organizational consultant and Clinical Psychologist
  • Vice President & Executive Coach at Robinson Resource Group
  • Author of The Resiliency Quest
  • Inaugural Member of CAPA Pro, a Table Group Membership Network

What I do?

  • Facilitated Services
    • Transformational Change Consulting
    • Team Development
    • Strategic Planning
    • Conflict Mediation
    • Board and Team Retreats

Leading In Turbulent Times

Human beings typically drift toward stagnation, not growth. You can choose to accelerate personal development and growth, or you can wait for it to happen…It’s at the point of accelerated growth that companies and leaders both have breakthrough innovation and progress.

In addition to facilitation services and team development, Doug can help you with the following:

  • Culture Transformation
  • Leadership Executive Coaching
  • Talent Assessment and Talent Selection Consulting
Doug smiling in studio

Keeping it real. Guiding leaders toward the courage to be imperfect.

Listen to conversations hosted by an organizational psychologist and get his unique perspective on becoming a leader and living more intentionally. Dr. McKinley’s insightful and lighthearted conversational style is easy to follow with practical advice. He frequently invites guests to join him, and his guests are from all “walks of life” leading people and organizations in admirable ways.

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